Gene Ludwig from West Little Rock relates his experience:


“I think she [Dr. Wynn] is an amazing practitioner"... "My brother had neck pain, and he went to a local chiropractor who had taken an X-ray and told him that he was not comfortable treating him, I told him maybe Dr. Mell could help. She found an occluded carotid artery. She picked it up from X-ray."


When Dr. Wynn found the occluded artery, she immediately sent Gene's brother to a cardiologist for additional testing. "He could have had a stroke," Gene's sister, a physician, said. Gene said he has had some cycling injuries that Mell has successfully treated. "She incorporates other sciences like massage therapy. As a team, they got me back on the bike sooner than I expected. I think she is fantastic! She has the highest credibility someone can have with me."”


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(This Is Arkansas, November 2013)

Lisa Fischer, the morning show host on KURB 98.5 radio, relates her experience:


"For overall health, we go to the chiropractor. We seldom see a medical doctor. Our whole family, we go to her [Dr. Wynn] once a week." Lisa said acupuncture had given her immediate relief from sinus problems. Mell's chiropractic administrations had rapidly healed her frozen shoulder and helped her children with TMJ and sports injuries.


In addition, her husband had been helped with high blood pressure, and most dramatically, she had been brought into remission from a rare disorder that supposedly has no cure. "My husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure," she said, adding that he was skeptical at first that Dr. Mell could help him. On the other hand, he said, "I am not the person who will be compliant and take blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life." Lisa said after treatment by Dr. Wynn, his blood pressure is now normal. For 15 years, Lisa had suffered from achalasia, a rare disorder that makes it difficult for food and liquid to pass into the stomach. "Now it is in remission. My GI doctor said she'd never heard anyone see complete remission, see this success. It was done with no invasive procedures, no narcotics," Lisa said. "I'd really rather not put medicine in the body unless I have to." Lisa has the highest regard for Dr. Wynn: "She shoots straight. Mell is so quiet and unassuming. She lets the adjustments work. So, you can see, we love it. It is very valuable to our family, and we just love her too."


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(This Is Arkansas, November 2013)

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