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Golf & Sports Injury Treatment


Dr. Wynn is not only a chiropractic physician, but a specialist in treatment and therapy for golf injuries. That means she can not only alleviate your neck or back pain, but help improve your golf game.

Improve your health & your game.


Have you ever noticed that the most famous and well known golfing professionals have their own chiropractor who accompanies them when they go on tour?


The art of being a top golfer includes correct alignment of the pelvis, shoulders and neck in order to achieve the magic swing that takes them to the pinnacle of their class. The swing of a golfer is actually pelvic rotation which involves the lumbar spine, the sacrum and, most importantly, the sacroiliac joint.


The shoulders also swing around when the golfer rotates the pelvis, one shoulder rotating backwards with the hip and the other shoulder rotating forward in the opposite direction. At the same time, the shoulder blades, or scapulae, move also and the head turns placing pressure on the neck or cervical spine.


This is why it is important for golfers to keep a chiropractor close when on tour. There are many things that can affect the game of golf and all of them need to be looked at carefully and adjusted where needed for optimal performance.


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